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Glo Free Browsing Code Plus Unlimited Download on UC.

Glo Free Browsing, after the previous glo free browsing code, when many people complained of its frequent disconnection, here is a better alternative. NO VPN, NO UNNECESSARY DISCONNECTION.

The Glo Free Browsing is for UC Browsers. An handler UC browser was purposely mold for free browsing users who love downloading at a large quantity.


Download the Handler UC browser here

This work on all Android devices

Note, Make changes to the following settings alone

Sellet the following on the UC browser

  1. Select Android in the Custom UA
  2. On the second Custom UA, select Opera
  3. At the Custom Referral, choose Real Referral
  4. Handler Download Limit, Type in it 1000
  5. Check on Remove Port on Add port
  6. Choose Real Host at the Proxy Type
  7. At the proxy server, type in redirect.glo.com
  8. and select HTTP when you get to Real Proxy Server
  9. Press Ok button

Then you are good to go.

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