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Glo Free browsing cheat with tweakware

Glo Free browsing cheat
 With this new Glo cheat make sure your airtime balance is N0.00kb and stable Glo 3G network is very essential, otherwise, you might still experience the disconnecting issues. Also note that you must be on Glo Pay As You Go (PAYU) plan, if you are not yet on the plan, kindly text PAYU to 127. Once you have received a reply that “you are using data Pay As You Go to browse. Then you follow the settings below.

Glo Free browsing cheat

Glo Free browsing cheat

Use the Glo default APN for your phone setting i.e APN should be glosecure and both username and password should be secure

or use the following settings

APN: gloflat
Port: 8080
Username and password: gloflat

Now, download the latest Tweakware VPN v3.4 from play store here or from tweakware official website here.

Go to Settings >> Account Settings
Input the below cracked login detail
Username: shelaf2352» Password: shelaf

Click on Bundle Settings >> select Glo0.0k
Go back to your Tweakware VPN and hit the connect button.
Start surfing and enjoy your usual unlimited downloading!

NB: Incase the Tweakware stopped at free user limit, just keep pressing connect till it re-connected.

Kudos to shelaf.com for the hard work in getting this together

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