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Glo Data Calculator, Manage your data plus free 6GB data

Glo is taking the browsing world to another level with the introduction of Glo Data Calculator. The Calculator makes you smarter and wiser, as you now monitor how your data is been charged.

Glo Data Calculator

How much data do you really need? Use our data calculator to get a monthly estimate of which data plan best fits your lifestyle based on your usage.

Glo Data Calculator


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Glo Data Calculator – How we Estimate

The following approximations are applied to estimate your data usage. They are based on typical file sizes.

For social media 1 hour of social media = 200mb

Normal 1 hour of browsing = 60mb

For 1 hour of Instant Messaging with video calls = 140mb

One hour of streaming music = 60mb per hour

Also 1 hour of streaming videos = 350mb (non HD) & 1GB (HD)

One email sent or received with attachments = 500kb

1 minute of connected gameplay = 60mb

To check your current used data

Click here

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