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How to upgrade your new & old Airtel SIM to 4G Network

Airtel finally launched his 4G Network service in Nigeria, this will surely improve and give optimum service to their customers, now enjoy reliable and super-fast internet on your phone. How to get your Airtel SIM to 4G Network?.

What to Know about the Airtel 4G LTE

4G, also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE); stand for 4th Generation of telecommunications technology that delivers very high data speeds. With 4G, you can enjoy even better data experience with network-enhanced quality such as HDVideo Streaming, Video and voice calls, superfast downloads, online gaming and so much more.

I was sometimes ago on my facebook account taking my time to see some shared info but I came to realised that 85% of the post from my friends if not up to 90% are fun of sharing video clips, and this actually requires the best data network for easier streaming.

Then here comes on board AIRTEL 4G

The announcement was made at an event in Ibadan, where Airtel CEO, Segun Ogunsanya confirmed that the telco will be rolling out to other cities across the country “in the coming months”. Interestingly, the telco has chosen Ibadan, and not the usual suspects — Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt — for this launch.

Airtel SIM to 4G Network

Airtel SIM to 4G Network

How to get SIM card to an Airtel 4G LTE Enabled One

Step 1: Get a 4G SIM:

Simply visit an Airtel Store near you to get a new 4G SIM or Upgrade your SIM to 4G.

Step 2: Get a 4G enabled device

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If your phone, MiFi or Dongle is not 4G enabled; please visit an Airtel Store or the nearest phone store to upgrade to a 4G phone.

To check if your phone is 4G enabled;

  • simply dial *121# and select 4G services.

Step 3: Be within Airtel 4G Coverage


To check if your current SIM supports Airtel 4G connectivity, change your connection to 4G LTE and see if you get an internet connection if a network comes up you need not swap or buy a new SIM card, however, if it doesn’t, follow the steps below to make an upgrade.

How to upgrade your SIM card to an Airtel 4G LTE Enabled One

  • Make sure to backup your contacts somewhere else.
  • Visit the nearest Airtel service centre closest to you.
  • Meet the Customer Care person and request for a 4G SIM upgrade.
  • You will be given a form to fill and your SIM card will be upgraded.

You can also buy a new 4G SIM card if you don’t want to upgrade the old SIM you have before. After the upgrade, users credited with a 4GB free data which can only be used on the 4G network. You also get 25% data bonus when you activate data plans from N500 and above for the next 3 months.

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