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Breaking: Sliide Airtime is back make more money & data for free

In one of my post in 2016, I promised all my blog readers that Kinfovillage will always be the first site to update you on Sliide Airtime., Hopefully, I did that and I am still breaking the news to you now that Sliide Airtime is Back!!!

Sliide Airtime is Back

Today’s post on Sliide Airtime is to alert you about the coming back of this great App. Less I forget the Sliide Mobile App, as at the time of making this post is currently not available on Google Play. (The reason for that is best know to PlayStore).Sliide Airtime is back


Here is the new link for the Sliide Airtime Download

If you are new to this App read more in the short post below:

This was tested and confirm means of getting extra Airtime, Sliide App. If you are new to Sliide App Get details about Sliide App On Sliide app download to earn airtime monthly

The below methods does not require rooting your Android phone but If you had used any invite code before. The promotion code won’t work unless you use another SIM.

Step i- Download the Sliide airtime app

Step ii:- Register with your appropriate data need (Note: let the sim card you intend to register with being in the same phone you are using for the registration, not compulsorily the same sim for your browsing)

Step iii:- Verify your number preferably MTN

Step iv- Verify your Email

Earn Big with Sliide Airtime New Codes (Free Airtime To All Network)

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