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How to get Airtel 10gb, 4gb, & 2gb data offer for #100

Some years ago, the NCC mandated all networks provider in the country to start the activation of line port, meaning you can use same line and number to access other network and the like. I will share with you how to port and get Airtel 10gb data in a more simple and legitimate way.

Are you still in doubt, don’t worry try watch this short SAKA DON PORT, this explains it all.

Hope from the video above, you now understand what I am about to discuss better.

This is the right time to port to Airtel network, just like in my previous post in Kinfovillage on legit means to get data on Airtel.

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Porting to Airtel require you to have an Airtel line, preferably an old and any MTN old sim as well.

What to gain with the Airtel porting

  • Almost free Airtel 10GB data and
  • 2GB data
  • All this are for just #500 and #100 respectively.

You can still enjoy up to #20,000 on the Airtel Welcome Back Bonus and much more, all this works for on all smartphone.

To benefit from the offer, you will need to Port your SIM Card from one Network to Airtel, but I recommend you use one of your MTN Registered sim.

While I said you should use an MTN registered sim? You need to watch this video first.

This action video was a war that happened between network providers in Nigeria (Must watch)

Note that:

  1. Porting is free
  2. You still retain your network but access extra network
  3. Recharge with Airtel recharge voucher

Requirements to Port Your MTN Sim to Airtel Network

  1. MTN Registered SimCard (You need to port it to Airtel)
  2. A valid ID Card (Student ID Card, Voter’s card, National id or Driver license)
  3. and a little part of your time is needed as well.

Adhere to the following steps below

  1. Work into any Airtel Outlet around you with the above requirements.
  2. Tell them you will love to Port your existed sim (MTN) to Airtel
  3. You will be asked to fill out This sample Form. (Follow Customer Care Procedures)
  4. Now you will receive an SMS from Airtel on the MTN SIM telling you (You wish to port your line)
  5. Reboot your Smartphone when you noticed that the MTN Network has disappeared.
  6. You will be guided to input your newly ported Airtel SIM Card.
  7. Switch Off your phone and just insert the newly ported Airtel SIM
  8. You will then get a confirmation message from Airtel that your sim has been ported.

Airtel 10gb

Make sure you follow my exact procedure and steps below in other to enjoy the

  1. 10GB data for just N500 or
  2. 2GB for N100.

I have a very nice and trusted mean of recharging and this is Zoto App, its name may not be attractive while its operation is superb and proven. Just try it

Registration and recharging your line with ZOTO gives you the free world of data and bonuses, as Zoto presently gives up to #20,000 and many more discounted codes for the transaction you perform with their App.


Now, after successfully porting your MTN line to your Airtel SIM

Recharge your Airtel ported sim via

Note: Do not recharge with scratch card pin.

 After recharging N100 with any of the methods above, you’ll be given instant 2GB data which valid for 30 days and the data balance can be checked by dialling *223# only.
Airtel 10gb

How to Get 10GB Data  For Just N500

  • The more you recharge N100, the more the data accumulates.
  • N200 recharge will give you instant 4GB data bonus while N500 recharge will give you 10GB and vice versa.
  • You can’t accumulate above 50GB data and each of the data has 30 days validity period.
  • The money you loaded will be intact while you enjoy your data.
  • Meaning you have both the data and your recharge amount.

Remember not to recharge with scratch card pin, otherwise, you won’t be given any data.

Benefits of Porting your Line

  • Get the best of rates for voice and data services.
  • You begin to leverage Airtel’s wide range of innovative and unparalleled products and services.
  • You have the benefit of being served by a top global brand with best-in-class network quality, amazing data speeds, and a differentiated customer service experience.
  • Because of Airtel’s global reach, you enjoy unmatched benefits when you use your line in 20 countries and counting.
  • And enjoy some of the recommended links above on how to get free browsing on Airtel as well.

Please share your experience with the Airtel 10gb data tips.

Have your say on the last video on network providers war advert. make use of the comment box below.

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