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Airtel Free Browsing. Speeds Like Fast & Furious

Airtel Free Browsing is the latest free browsing on the radar right now, I will be sharing with you.


In this Airtel Free Browsing I am about to share with you images will be embedded on to it for easy configuration and understanding

Airtel Free Browsing

This works with Zero #0.0 account,

All what you need is the application to power it and you start to enjoy unlimited internet Airtel Free Browsing right away. Get yourself any of the following App Psiphon Handler, NetifyVpn, or Sypon Shield

You can get the above App download by clicking on any of them you wish to download now,

Follow the below instructions and you start to enjoy your the tweak

  • Set your phone APN to the default.

    Then Launch Sypon Shield or Psiphon Handler, in the handler menu:
    Proxy type: Real Host
    Proxy server: video.ng.airtellive.com
    Real Proxy Type: default
    Hit the Save button
    Immediately you click save, a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device and it will take you to the next phase
    Choose the Option Menu
    Under this Option menu, you will see Select Region, tap and select USA
    Go to your More Option settings and untick connect through HTTP Proxy

Go back now to the main page of the Psiphon and tap the start button below, wait for few seconds for it to Connect. Then, fire up any browser and any other apps.

Airtel Free Browsing

configure as follow

Airtel Free Browsing

Airtel Free BrowsingOn your phone setting leave it default setting or better still follow the image below

Airtel Free BrowsingEnjoy while it last

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