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How to enjoy Airtel 3GB data package (Reviewed)

Airtel 3GB data package, this is not a cheat since Airtel has given his numerous customer the benefit to use this blackberry 3GB monthly subscription on all device be it  PC, Android device, Iphones, router and what have you. Many people have been using this 3GB quite for some time, but due to HYPER CHARGING RATE OF MB Airtel lost most of his customers to GLO BLACKBEERY #1000 for 3GB this also works on all Android when you tweak the Imei here for GLO 3GB data

 Airtel 3GB data package

Good news Airtel Network has come to the common costumer yearning by regulating it charging the charging rate now is quite okay. You can now have a rest of mind that your Megabyte is truly yours with high speed connection. I tried the subscription on the laptop and it was moderately charged.

To Subscribe to  Airtel 3GB data package

Dial *440*16# for #1500 only

For Airtel #100 for 1GB dial *474*1# or click here for details


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