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Airtel 2.5gb for #1000 & 45days validity It Works

Airtel 2.5gb for #1000 & 45days validity, is a subtraction from the new Airtel 5 Times Value and addition of the normal Airtel subscription of #1000 for 1.5gb data package.  

Airtel 2.5gb for #1000 & 45days

HOW TO ENJOY THE Airtel 2.5gb for #1000 & 45days

Airtel just introduced a new package called New Airtel 5 Times Value with this aforementioned package you as a Airtel customer will enjoy 5 times value of your money. see details of New Airtel 5 Times Value below

Airtel customer who wish to enjoy more value of his/her money will explore the opportunity I am about to share today

  1. After exploring the New Airtel 5 Times Value
  2. Then used your main balance to subscribe to the data plain of 1.5gb for #1000
  3. All these will prolong the expiration data of your data and more value can be enjoy
  4. The data 2.5 gb works on all devices

NOTE: Ensure you exhaust the free 1gb data of the New Airtel 5 Times Value before you subscribe to the 1.5gb for you to enjoy the benefits of extra days of expiration 

New Airtel 5 Times Value

New Airtel 5 Times Value Plus Free Airtel Megabytes, is a new Prepaid plan called Welcome to Airtel

The package comes with a scintillated aromatic customers oriented plans

To cut the long English short, the post will be of questions and answers format. Believe me all you need to know have been catered for.

  • Question: Who is eligible to take this product Airtel 5 Times Value?

Answer: This product is available to new PREPAID customers only.

  • Question: How does a new customer get unto the plan?

Answer: Customer buys a new SIM, activates the SIM, does KYC and recharges via *555*PIN#

  • Question: What do I stand to enjoy on this plan?

Answer: Customers on this plan enjoy 5 times the value of EVERY recharge when they recharge via *555*PIN#

Airtel 2.5gb for #1000 & 45daysNew Airtel 5 Times Value Plus Free Airtel Megabytes. How to Subscribe

Call Value
Free Data
N100 = N500 N100 + N250 + N150 (50MB)
N200 = N1000 N200 + N500 + N300 (200MB)
N300 = N1500 N300 + N800 + N400 (300MB)
N500 = N2500 N500 + N1300 + N700 (500MB)
N1000 = N5000 N1000 + N2600 + N1400 (1GB)

Note: Bonus has validity period of use. RC_N100: 1day, RC_N200: 2days, RC_N300: 4days, RC_N500: 7days, RC_N1000: 14days. Main Balance never expires.

  • Question: How do I check my 5 Times Value?

Answer: Dial *556#

  • Question: Does my Main Balance Expires?

Answer: No. Main Balance does not expire. However, FREE Airtel-to-Airtel calls and FREE Data (MB) you receive on every recharge expire.

  • Question: Can I migrate out of this plan?

Answer: Yes, simply dial the code of your desired plan. However, you will not be able to migrate back to Welcome to Airtel plan.

  • Question: Can customers on other plans recharge via *555*PIN#?

Answer: No. Only customers on Welcome to Airtel plan can recharge via *555*PIN# to enjoy the benefits.

  • Question: Can I still recharge with *126*PIN#?

Answer: Yes. You will receive standard bonuses applicable to smartCONNECT.

  • Question: What is my tariff on this plan?

Answer: Same tariff as smartCONNECT.

NOTE: You will not enjoy the five times bonus when you recharge through ePIN.  Only (paper recharge) are eligible.

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