All About MMM-Nigeria, Video Clip that says it All From Sergey Mavrodi

MMM-Nigeria, as Nigerian are eagerly waiting for the New Year Twenty Seventeen, not surprisingly over 3 million people are waiting for the promised made by MMM on their frozen account as their money is currently swing on MMM pendulum.


The video clips on all about MMM catches my attention on what we should be expect, and this worth sharing to all concerns followers. Below are the video clips.

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The Truth About MMM by Adeola on Keep it Real. Most Watch ↓

Dr Damages side of the story,  SaharaTV

As Nigeria never carry last, A movie was shoot on the Ponzi MMM with the Title MMM Don Crash Featuring notable actors like Osufia, Aki and Pawpaw

Sit back relax and watch the Scintillating 3 hours comedy packed movie

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