Beware of Expired Sim cards by roadside vendor

Beware of Expired Sim cards by roadside vendor

Everything in life has his life span, these are commonly used as expiration date on most of our purchased items. As the manufactured date has always been batched on products so was the expiration date. Even we the living being have our time.

Always be mindful to check on expire dates on any items you want to buy, be it CHEWING GUM, SANITARY PAD, DRUGS, CREAMS e.t.c

Beware of Expired Sim cards by roadside vendor

Just few days ago i bought some sim cards, i registered it from those seller who market with a bus, and to my surprise the sims ceased to work after some days of usage. I went to that network products main office in my area, it was there that i was told that my sims are already expiring. That was when i realized that buying a cheap sim as it own risk, buying from unauthorized dealer is another and the most annoying of it is to registered and to be re-invite to come and register the sim card again.


Not to waste any of your resources endeavour to always check the expire dates of items to be purchase.

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