StarTime HDTV with Inbuilt Decoder Plus Free 100 channels

StarTime HDTV with Inbuilt Decoder Plus Free 100 channels.
StarTimes Digital TV itself is an evolution of previous TVs, which you can freely have access to StarTimes terrestrial and satellite channels and 100 free channels without any kind of external decoders.

StarTime HDTV with Inbuilt Decoder Plus Free 100 channels

Startimes 3-in-1 Digital LED TV

The main features of Startimes 3-in-1 Digital FHD TV is derive from customers’ demands which, in short, is the service and convenience Startimes provide. Due to that, StarTimes digital TV has a much lower power consumption than all other TVs on one hand. On the other hand, take our 40” digital TV as an example, it only consumes 75W per hour which equals to the power consumption of 3 to 5 bubs used in Nigeria. Meanwhile, a budget of buying decoders and accessories are saved on one hand, and there’s no concerns of unnecessary cables and remotes on the other. Additionally, the TVs’ firmware is also upgradable either via distance signal or a flash drive.

StarTime HDTV with Inbuilt Decoder Plus Free 100 channels

StarTime HDTV with Inbuilt Decoder Plus Free 100 channels

From the perspective of their service, apart from Startimes well-known pay TV service, They also provide one-stop shopping service, the most thorough after sales service, local hot line service and etc. operated by their nationwide business operation network.

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In specific, regarding the one-stop shopping, any customer who buys a Startime TV  can directly pay for subscription and installation of a TV, dish and antenna at the same time, and even delivery could be covered. What you need to do is merely plug your TV and watch.

Regarding startime service, especially after sales service, Startimes warranty not only covers the workmanship fee, but also covers replacement of parts for different duration.

While, for example, some other brand’s warranty only covers workmanship fee, and you have to pay for replacing broken parts even when your TV is under warranty.

Buying StarTimes Digital TV saves both your time and budget, relieves your concerns of after sales, enables you to enjoy more programs. All of these are the proof of how their care about customers, how their build the pathway for you to enjoy a better digital life.

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