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Etisalat easylife complete, Enjoy 15min. call, 15 Free data

Etisalat easylife complete is a voice based plan that gives you amazing rates to all networks in Nigeria and selected international destinations

  • enjoy calls to all local networks at a rate of 15 kobo per second plus a daily fee of N5 (daily access fee)
  • also enjoy calls at 15k per second to 7 international destinations (USA, UK, Canada, China, India, Germany & Malaysia)
  • a daily fee of N5 deducted for 20 days within calendar month will grant a Etisalat easylife complete, enjoy call to all local networks at a rate of 15kb  plus a daily fee of N5. 15 mins free data & 15 mins free on net calls monthly
  • for recharges of 5,000 and above within a month you get to enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 14 countries: USA (T-mobile), Uk (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat), South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile), Turkey (Turkcell), & Egypt (Vodafone).
  • Service is valid for 30 days. click here for more details.

Etisalat easylife complete

With Etisalat easylife complete call at

15 kobo/sec with a daily fee of ₦5 only which is charged on the first call of the day. access fee is valid till 11.59pm each day.

Other tariffs are

on net15k/sec
off net15k/sec
daily access fee₦5
selected international destinations – US, Uk, India, China, Canada, Germany & Malaysia15k/sec
SMS – national₦4
SMS – international₦15
PAYG data5k per kilobyte

To subscribe for Etisalat easylife complete

dial *620*1# or send 1 to 620 to migrate to easylife complete. migration is free!

Easylife complete
to migratedial *620*1#
check balancedial *232#
confirm package*244*3#

Note: Migration is only available to customers on easy starter, easy cliq, easyflex talk zone, blackberry voice plan/smartphone voice plan, easylife 3.0, easy life 4.0 bundles, easylife flat tariff and easy SIM


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