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Easiest way to get free #1000 on Zoto. Solution To Referral

Easiest way to get free #1000 on Zoto. Just some days ago, news broke about Zoto recharge that rewards it’s users whom referral a new user the sum of #1000 and if you know you way, then you can make up to #50,000. To get more on Zoto rewards get the all here

Easiest way to get free #1000 on Zoto

Easiest way to get free #1000 on Zoto    Easiest way to get free #1000 on Zoto

If you don’t want to have problems in getting your N1000 referral reward, there are some guideline which you need to abide. Deeply sorry for not tell you this earlier, I just noticed them during my recent research.

If you have a problem in getting your referral reward or you just want to download the app and sign up for Zoto mobile recharge, kindly go through the information below and make sure you abide by the rules and regulation in order not to have a problem with your Referral reward.

The above was the conversation I held, with a Zoto support, For those who can’t fine their referral link, should try and recharge through Zoto first, then you referral code will display.

For the new user download the Zoto App from this #link and use this referral code BIOLAA22 you earn #1000 while I also earn

The code to use is BIOLAA22

Referral Program: Brief Terms & Conditions

  • Applicable only on first successful recharge
  • Applicable only when payment is done through ATM/Debit/Credit card.
  • A card can be used only once to claim referral. You will not get referral reward if card used to make first payment has been used already to claim referral by someone else.
  • Referral reward will be added to ZotoCash within 24hrs of making successful recharge.
  • Referral is valid on minimum card transaction value of N50.
  • Referral is not valid on ZotoCash, Netbanking & Virtual Card Transactions.
  • The device on which the Referee downloads the Zoto App, must not have installed the Zoto App earlier.
  • The Email ID and/or Phone number through which the Referee signs-up with Zoto App, must not have been used for signing up with the Zoto App earlier.
  • The mobile number provided by the Referee for receiving the OTP must not have been used for receiving an OTP for this program earlier.
  • The device on which the Referee downloads the Zoto App should not be rooted or Jail-broken.
    Neither the Referrer nor the Referee should install the Zoto App using App Runtime for Chrome, Emulators or Simulators.


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