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Complete free browsing on all MTN line

free browsing on all MTN line

It is now the luck part of the year, when you can enjoy unlimited free browsing. Just few months ago i made a post on Etisalat and Mtn free browsing, these two tweak are still rocking hard as i am making this post. For the Etisalat click Here, for the Mtn click Here

Back to the topic Complete free browsing on all MTN line, this as been tested and confirmed free browsing using #0.0kobo

Follow the image below to configure the tweak

free browsing on all MTN line

The above image is the setting to be done on the phone settings, save and activate it


free browsing on all MTN line

free browsing on all MTN line

Download the New Psiphon108HandlerUI and configure it as shown above

Download HERE

free browsing on all MTN line

If you are new to the above configuration Click here to learn more


You don’t need to send any message to mtn neither renew it with any code

Enjoy while it last

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