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10 ways on how to effective use an OTG cords

10 ways on how to effective use an OTG cords

(USB On The Go cable) popularly called USB OTG is a cord that enables mobile devices get access to one another. Traditionally mobile devices could only connect to a PC by USB, but USB OTG makes it possible for devices to connect directly to any electronics gadgets and computer peripherals.

And that’s not all USB OTG can do. By enabling your device to act as a USB host – that is, to be the boss of other devices that you connect to it – you can use additional hardware such as storage, keyboards or even musical instruments together with your device.

10 ways on how to effective use an OTG cords

10 ways on how to effective use an OTG cords

You can even connect to storage devices such as USB sticks or external hard drives with USB OTG. Using a file manager on your device, you can directly access data on an external storage device and play movies or music without having to store them on your device as my University of Ilorin friends usually used theirs. Alternatively, you can use it as a non-cloud based backup storage option for your photos, music, and other files from your smartphone.

If you fancy making music on Android, USB OTG enables you to connect devices such as MIDI keyboards and controllers, audio inputs for instruments and vocals and various controllers that can turn your phone or tablet into a serious music-making machine.

Confirm the compatibility of the OTG cord HERE with your Phone

Very Simple to use

10 ways on how to effective use an OTG cords

it is plug and play, no need of any set-up.

its compatible with most android phones.

Now you don’t essentially need a laptop to view what is stored in your flash or external hard-drive. you can do it “On-The-Go”.

It can works well with all Android devices WITH custom ROM/Kernel that support USB Host mode.

You can as well get it on both Online and Offline stores

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